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WAVE PTX™ Streaming Video

The optional Streaming Video feature allows WAVE PTX broadband PTT mobile users to push live H.264 video, with audio, from their device’s integrated camera(s). The streaming video recipients can be any assigned contacts or groups that are capable of receiving video calls. Each video session can have just a single originator, and each participant can have only one active video call at a time.

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WAVE SafeGuard Package

Emergency Calling & Alerting
Users press a hard or soft dedicated button to initiate an emergency call with the highest priority and preemption.

Ambient Listening
Makes it possible for dispatchers or supervisors to check on the well being of users by remotely opening the device’s microphone.

User Enable/Disable
Supervisors can remotely enable or disable the PTT function on their specific devices.

Remote User Check
Allows supervisors or dispatchers to monitor the health of a users’ device, including battery level, signal strength, and location.

Discreet Listening
Monitors all PTT communications between targeted user and other PTT callers.

Location-Based Temporary Groups (Dispatcher-only)
Adds/removes members from a talkgroup as they enter or leave a defined geographic area.

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We Live in an Always On, Instantly Connected World

We Live in an Always On, Instantly Connected World.
Just Text, Email, IM, or Direct Message to Communicate
With Anyone, Anywhere.

However, for many enterprise users, it’s simply not optimal to put their work on hold, take out a smartphone, and tap away. Workers in highly mobile, hands-on industries such as construction, transportation, private security, field services, and similar occupations, need a purpose-built device that includes just the communication tools they want, without the distractions of modern smart devices. They want instant voice communication, anywhere the job takes them, without dialing a number and waiting for a call to be routed. They don’t want the distractions of texting, social media, and gaming applications to get in the way of the job.

According to a recent survey from staffing firm OfficeTeam, the average office employee spends 56 minutes per day using their cell phone at work for non-work activity. For younger workers, ages 18 to 34, that number jumps to 70 minutes wasted on mobile devices, mostly on personal email and social media. This wasted time is a productivity killer for office employees. For those in hands-on industries, it’s also a dangerous safety hazard.

Time Wasted Per Day Using Cell Phones For Non-Work Activity

Time Lost image

Fortunately, there is a technology option that bypasses these distractions to let workers focus on the job – Push-to-Talk (PTT) technology. PTT is a one-to-many or one-to-one mobile voice communication technology that lets users talk instantly, without the dialing, routing, ringing, and answering steps of a regular phone call.

Today, Motorola Solutions continues to innovate PTT with the WAVE two-way radio. The WAVE two-way radio offers the power of PTT and the ease of two-way radio communications, delivered with the vast coverage of a coast-to-coast broadband network. So, your team can be up and running quickly with nationwide push-to-talk in less than 24 hours.

Now your employees can stay connected anywhere in the United States. With a single push of a button they have direct access to colleagues using crisp, clear audio. Without a distracting screen to get in their way. And without the need for you to build and maintain radio infrastructure. Simply push, talk, and succeed.

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At the Forefront of PTT Innovation

PTT has come a long way since Motorola Solutions pioneered the technology. Land Mobile Radio (LMR) was the first platform used for PTT communication and it’s still widely used today. An LMR system typically consists of portable or mobile two-way radios with repeaters and base stations that transmit communication between the sender and recipient. It’s usually deployed by public safety agencies and businesses for instant communications over a private network in a specific location. LMR remains popular because of its high reliability, durability, and ease of use.

In 1993, Motorola introduced iDEN, which allowed delivery of PTT over a larger nationwide area using narrowband 2G technology. In 1996, Nextel launched iDEN as a US-based commercial network. In the early 2000’s, PTT-over-cellular systems was introduced, with PTT supported over 2G/2.5G cellular networks. Though the Nextel iDEN service was purchased and subsequently shut-down by Sprint in 2013, iDEN is still used in markets around the world.

In the last decade, a number of companies have offered PTT via applications on smartphones or other mobile devices. These are ideal for some enterprise users, but not the best choice for those in hands-on industries. Users must own a work smartphone or use their personal device. Both the sender and receiver must have the app downloaded and open at the same time. And because these apps are smartphone-based, they face the typical enterprise challenges of commercial smartphones – limited visibility in sunshine, fragile glass screens, awkward usability with gloves, and the risk of distracting the user with other diversions.

Today, Motorola Solutions is again leading the way with PTT delivered over the WAVE two-way radio. With the WAVE two-way radio, users gain a rugged PTT device, purpose – built for their business. They receive the high reliability, durability, and ease of use of a two-way radio, but are able to connect with colleagues anywhere, nationwide, with instant, crystal clear audio.


Bayonne, New Jersey police department is the first to operate an Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system.


Galvin Manufacturing Corporation (later renamed to Motorola) develops the Handie-Talkie portable twoway radio, which goes on to become a World War II icon.


Motorola introduces the transistorized Handie-Talkie HT200 portable two-way radio, weighing 33 ounces, smaller and lighter than previous models.


Motorola launches MX300 portable two-way radios, compatible with computer-aided radio dispatch systems.


Motorola introduces iDEN.


Nextel launches iDEN as a commercial 2G network in the US.


Sprint purchases Nextel and shuts down iDEN in the US.


Motorola acquires Twisted Pair and launches WAVE PTT app.


Motorola Solutions launches the WAVE two-way radio with nationwide PTT.

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WAVE Two-Way Radio TLK 100: Instant Communication Rapid Deployment. Nationwide Use.

The new WAVE two-way radio, is a powerful and slim PTT-enabled two-way radio that allows your employees to stay connected anywhere in the nation. They just press a single button for direct PTT voice access to colleagues, delivered with crisp, clear audio.

Purpose-built for rugged use across a range of often chaotic, loud, or dispersed worksites, the WAVE two-way radio is ideal for construction, private security, transportation and logistics, and field services. There’s no distracting, breakable screen. No texting, applications, or email to get in the way. With single-button operations and battery life sure to outlive any smartphone, employees can get started immediately with a greatly reduced learning curve.

The WAVE two-way radio is simple to set-up and maintain. There is no need to build and manage radio network infrastructure or secure FCC and spectrum licensing requirements. Everything you need to get started is ready right out-of-the-box. Maintenance is simple, with automatic software updates and the ability to program your entire fleet over the air at once, without having to touch a single device. You can be ready to use nationwide push-to-talk in less than 24 hours.

With the WAVE two-way radio, you only pay for what you need. The device can be free, with a two-year contract. And since these radios are an affordable monthly investment, not a costly long-term expense, you can scale your service to match your business needs. Plus, you can reduce or stop your service easily, at any time, to align with your project schedules.

“Audio quality on the TLK 100 is excellent, even near a runway.”

Jimmy Luxbache, General Manager,
Hertz Chicago Area Operations

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WAVE Two-Way Radio TLK 100: Features

1. Easy to Use and Manage

  • Self-service talkgroups. Manage talkgroups and update radios remotely, over the air.
  • Grows with your business. Easily add or remove subscriptions with self-service billing to scale your fleet based on workload.
  • Communicate across platforms. The WAVE PTT app enables instant communication between radios and smartphones across carriers.
  • Radio integration capabilities. Connect to MOTOTRBO™ systems you already own and expand the reach of your trunked systems to a nationwide network.
  • One button, multiple teams. Contact multiple teams simultaneously and securely connect upwards of hundreds of devices with just one button.

2. Built for the Job

  • Powerful radio, slim design. One streamlined device lets you communicate one-on-one or with the entire team using PTT. Hear conversations clearly in noisy environments with loud, clear audio.
  • Built tough. Designed to perform in harsh working environments, regardless of rain, dust, extreme temperatures, or the occasional drop.
  • Location tracking. Easily manage your workforce with GPS to increase safety, check project status, find faster routes, modify tasks, and position team members where they’re needed most.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. Use PTT inside industrial buildings and other environments with limited cellular coverage.
  • Accessory-compatible. Use select Motorola Solutions SL 300 radio accessories, including carrying cases, earpieces, headsets, batteries, charging stations, and more.
  • Long battery life. Power when you need it most, with a battery that lasts 18+ hours.
  • Screenless design. Maximize productivity. Minimize email, text, and app distractions without the worry of a cracked screen.

3. Nationwide Push-to-Talk

  • Nationwide* push-to-talk. Communicate instantly across the country regardless of network or device. Bridge multiple job sites, without infrastructure set-up and maintenance.
  • Network speed. Fast-track productivity with a nationwide* push-to-talk network that powers the quickest push-to-talk setup and call times.
  • Coverage you can count on. Thanks to reliable nationwide PTT networks—your device can work whenever and wherever you need.

*Coverage will vary. See user guide for details.

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WAVE Two-Way Radio TLK 100: Built for Business

WAVE Two-Way Radio is Built for Demanding Work Environments

The WAVE two-way radio is purpose-built for your business. With its ruggedized design, single button operation, and nationwide use, it’s a powerful tool to help your business thrive. See how the WAVE two-way radio can elevate your operations.

At the construction site, smartphones just won’t cut it. Built tough, the WAVE two-way radio is the ideal radio for construction. It can survive drops and spills. When a worker is holding a several hundred-pound pipe in place and needs to quickly call a team member for support, logging into a smart phone won’t cut it. Construction workers can use the WAVE two-way radio with their gloves on, without the distractions of texts, apps, and social media. Optimized audio delivered over broadband networks provides crystal clear voice, even at noisy jobsites. For contractors, it’s easy to assign and collect devices, no matter who is working that day. Wherever the next job is, across the street, across the city, or across the country, the WAVE two-way radio is ready to use. And when more radios are needed, it’s simple to expand the fleet with minimal set-up required. Plus, by using the WAVE PTT application, workers can use PTT to communicate directly from their radio to any WAVE-enabled smartphone, tablet, or computer located in the country.

Private Security
Whether a private security firm or an in-house security team, the WAVE two-way radio is made for the job. Security personnel can use the same device, anywhere they go, without the distractions of a smartphone. Today, American retailers lose almost $50 billion annually to theft. The WAVE two-way radio can help prevent these costly events by further minimizing workplace distractions. Easily expand with new contractors. Effortlessly link teams across town or across the country. Best of all, the WAVE two-way radio could not be simpler to use – it’s literally push-to-talk. Even the freshest new hire can pick up the device and immediately share information with the rest of the team.

Transportation and Logistics
For transportation and logistics companies, when employees use a smartphone in transit, it isn’t just a distraction, it’s a safety hazard and a violation of federal mandates.

According to the nonprofit National Safety Council, 20% of Fortune-500 companies have policies that ban handheld and hands-free phone use altogether. The WAVE two-way radio, with its tactile one-button functionality, keeps employees safely in contact anywhere the job takes them. So trucking companies are assured instant, clear voice communications from city-to-city and state-to-state. And warehouses always have instant access to check on stock with colleagues around the country.

Field Services
No matter the industry, the WAVE two-way radio keeps field service professionals productive and connected. Workers don’t need to use their personal devices to communicate but still receive reliable, distraction free, and instant communication when needed. With GPS and dispatch capabilities, track your deployed resources and redirect them during downtime between jobs to maximize profitability. Create new talk groups quickly and easily, helping field technicians confidently communicate with the right teams to solve any issue. And WAVE two-way radios are ultra-rugged, so workers can bring them virtually anywhere in the nation, without worry.

Join the Communication Nation
The productivity impacts of using smartphones within the enterprise have been well documented. A more ominous consideration is the recent trend in corporate liability findings for incidents stemming from employee misuse of smartphones while on the job. For highly mobile, labor-intense, or far-ranging businesses, a more productive, cost-effective, and safer alternative is now available.

If your company has been waiting for a rugged, distraction-free device with the coverage to communicate wherever your business takes you, the wait is over. The WAVE two-way radio TLK 100 provides all of the purpose-built capabilities you need on a dependable nationwide network.

“Coverage is great – perfect connection with zero dead spots.”
Scott Malinowski, CBRE Workplace Experiences Coordinator