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6 866-91-RADIO | WWW.COMMDIRECTPTT.COM NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION KEEP YOUR TEAM SAFE Your people are your most important asset. Recent years have seen a shortage of drivers in transportation and logistics – a trend that is only expected to increase. Combined with growing customer demands and expectations, your employees are being pushed to do more. While productivity is important, the safety of your team is paramount. Today, many fleet organizations are using multiple devices to connect their teams on the road and in the office – including smartphones, tablets, and two-way radios. But often the interfaces do not interact, and the multitude of devices can lead to distractions on the road. In addition, commercial drivers face a number of regulations limiting device usage. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has banned commercial truck and bus drivers from handheld cellphone use – prohibiting reaching for, dialing, or holding a mobile telephone while operating a commercial motor vehicle. Drivers who fail to comply are subject to penalties of up to $2,750 for each offense, while companies who allow their drivers to use handheld cell phones while operating a commercial vehicle face a civil penalty of $11,000 per violation. Your team needs an all-in-one device that is purpose-built for the job at hand, ensuring instant communications without distraction and within nationwide or state regulations. KEEP YOUR TEAM CONNECTED We live in an always on, instantly connected world. One where we can easily communicate with anyone, anywhere. For fleet organizations, staying connected can be a challenge. Workers are highly mobile – often resulting in a need for extended coverage over large distances. Whether that is long stretches of remote open-air road or across county or state lines, your team needs reliable, connected communications across critical, but far-flung infrastructure.