WAVE PTX eBrochure

2 866-91-RADIO | WWW.COMMDIRECTPTT.COM CONTENTS 03 ABOUT US 04 NATIONWIDE COMMUNICATION 07 WAVE PTX SERVICE PLANS 10 WAVE TLK SERIES TWO-WAY RADIOS 13 WAVE TLK 100 PORTABLE RADIO 15 WAVE TLK 150 MOBILE RADIO 17 WAVE RADIO ACCESSORIES 21 WAVE PTX (PUSH-TO-TALK SERVICE) INSTANT RADIO COMMUNICATION WITH OR WITHOUT THE RADIO • Nothing is faster than PTT • PTT from a smartphone, tablet or desktop • Use any wireless carrier WHAT IS WAVE PTX? WAVE PTX is a a carrier-independent broadband push-to-talk subscription service from Motorola Solutions, that uses the cloud to extend two-way radio communication to phones, tablets and PCs, to help business and enterprise organizations get more done faster. Eliminate the barriers between devices, networks, and locations, and let everyone be part of the conversation. WATCH THE VIDEO: WAVE TAKES PUSH-TO-TALK FURTHER 24 WAVE PTX STREAMING VIDEO 25 WAVE PTX EMERGENCY CALLING & ALERTING 26 WAVE PTX™ DISPATCH 29 WAVE PTX ORCHESTRATE INTEGRATION 30 WAVE GATEWAY 31 WAVE PTX INTEGRATIONWITH COMMANDCENTRAL 32 PTT INDUSTRY SOLUTIONS