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15 866-91-RADIO | WWW.COMMDIRECTPTT.COM TLK 25 Wi-Fi WEARABLE DEVICE PACKAGED ECOSYSTEM Go Beyond the Panic Button Strengthen employee safety and peace of mind with Lone Worker and Fall Alert**, built to automatically identify emergency incidents. If Housekeeping enables Lone Worker, their TLK 25 will set a response timer that places an emergency call when no activity is detected. So, if there’s something or someone preventing your employee from device access, the TLK 25 will still notify designated personnel. With the TLK 25’s Fall Alert** feature activated, the device can identify when a user has fallen or stopped moving and automatically initiate an emergency call. If an employee cannot communicate their situation or threat, personnel can activate the TLK 25’s ambient listening, and the device will transmit sounds from its environment. Or, personnel can quickly track exact locations of employees in danger with the TLK 25’s precise indoor** location capabilities. ** Available with 1.2 release Solving For Safety and Connection The TLK 25 is a compact device containing a powerful technology ecosystem that will improve operations, simplify device management and most importantly, keep your guests and employees safe on site. As a Wi-Fi only device, the TLK 25 doesn’t limit your range or require additional infrastructure. Connect your TLK 25 to existing personal or enterprise Wi-Fi networks with ease, and start accessing high-quality, reliable communication across your sites. Scalable and Interoperable Strengthen communication and bridge device gaps with WAVE PTX and the TLK 25, interoperable with smartphones via WAVE PTX mobile app, MOTOTRBO radios and other TLK devices. If your maintenance or grounds staff prefers a heavier duty communications device, or management prefers using their smartphone, they can still talk to all of your venues’ TLK 25s. Simple Operations, Straightforward Management With the WAVE PTX Portal, configure, manage and update devices remotely and cable free. Further simplify setup with the TLK Configuration App, compatible with TLK 25 devices. With this mobile application, you will be able to seamlessly set up batches of TLK 25s with the help of an end-to-end guidance wizard. Simply scan the devices’ QR codes for registration and access Wi-Fi setup—all from your smartphone. Take the next step in device management with WAVE PTX Dispatch, also compatible with the TLK 25. Easy To Manage, Easier to Learn In a fast-paced industry where high turnover is the norm, it’s essential that employees have access to simplified training for their devices. Each TLK 25 device features a QR code on the back which can be scanned to access the device’s Get Started page. Here, administrators and users can access key information and resources for device setup, usage and support. Save time and effort in onboarding while providing resources for employees to benefit from their devices.